Tips for Keeping Your Dog Protected During Walks

March 30th is Take a Walk in the Park Day and it’s an ideal opportunity to enjoy quality time with your furry companion. Don’t let potential dangers ruin your special day, so be sure to watch out for these common hazards while taking Fido or Fluffy on their stroll.

#1: Other dogs

A chance encounter with another canine can quickly lead to trouble; particularly if either pup is reactive and breaks away from its leash. Even friendly, unleashed dogs could still pose a risk since your pet may view them as an adversary when they run in their direction. Carefully observe both animals’ body language for signs of uneasiness or tension and make sure that yours remains relaxed and composed at all times. To sidestep any altercation with multiple pets, it’s best to avoid parks during peak hours when there are large groups of dogs present.

#2: Traffic

When journeying to the park, stay alert for any potential vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Keeping your furry friend close by will aid in preventing unpleasant accidents – a pet on an unlocked retractable leash can easily dart out into the street and trip up cyclists or passersby, while there’s also a chance of it breaking if they impulsively lunge after a squirrel!

#3: Parasites

Parks are the perfect environment for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and intestinal parasites to thrive; your companion pet is at risk of both external and internal parasite infestations. To ensure their safety while having fun outdoors—protect them year-round with preventatives that can be easily administered. After returning home from a visit to the park, always perform thorough checkups on your furry friend from nose-to-tail to make sure there aren’t any hidden bugs!

#4: Wildlife

As your pup snuffles around the park, they might come across wildlife burrows, nests, and resting spots. Remember that wild animals will normally flee when humans or their pets approach them; however some may defend their nesting grounds and become aggressive if threatened. Furthermore we should remember that most wildlife carry parasites and diseases which can easily be transmitted to our furry friends – so it’s best to keep a safe distance!

Are you and your pet frequent outdoor adventurers? Keep them healthy with regular preventive care against infectious diseases and parasites. Contact our team today to set up an appointment for their wellness check!