Dental Health Matters

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Dental Health Month is here!

Do you brush your pet’s teeth at home? If you answered never, you aren’t alone. Most pets develop the early stages of periodontal disease by three years of age, and keeping their pearly whites healthy is often an uphill battle for pet owners. This is why it’s important to provide at-home dental care as well as annual dental cleanings with the team at Animal Care Center of Pahrump.

What we do:

Dental examinations – Routine dental examinations are performed on your annual wellness check-up. Our digital dental X-ray machine allows us to get an in-depth look at your pet’s dental health. These examinations help us determine the state of your pet’s dental health so we can make recommendations for treatment. If your pet needs to have his or her teeth cleaned, we’ll let you know.

Teeth cleaning – We offer dog teeth cleaning and cat teeth cleaning services to our pet patients to remove plaque and tartar, then polish the enamel. For pet patients suffering from dental disease, we recommend tooth cleaning services once per year.

Tooth extractions – Sometimes, pets develop infections and dental problems that can require a tooth to be extracted. We can perform tooth extractions skillfully and efficiently.

How will I know if my pet needs a dental cleaning?

Exceptionally bad breath, brownish plaque at the base of the teeth, excessive drooling, sore or bleeding gums when eating or chewing, and decreased appetite can all be signs that a pet’s teeth require attention.

What can I expect during a dental cleaning?

Routine dental cleanings and a home dental care regime have the potential to add years of vigor to your pet’s life. A dental exam and cleaning are performed under general anesthesia for a safe and thorough procedure. Your pet’s teeth are cleaned of plaque and calculus, and the tooth enamel is polished, followed by a fluoride treatment to further protect the teeth and strengthen enamel.

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